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All of the books we publish are available on Amazon. If you live in New Zealand and wish to purchase directly from the publisher, please use our contact form.

New Releases

Available Now—Seen From the Gallery

A book of poetry by New Zealand author Maureen Sudlow. Includes full colour photographs by the author.

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Available Now—Emory

Oak Tree Lane could be any suburban street in any town, but this is Emory, New Zealand, in the 1980s, and Oak Tree Lane is a street heading for crisis. Each house is different; we peep behind closed doors, delve into the hearts and minds of the people we meetand learn their deepest darkest secrets.

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Burl of MeglinorThe Token Bearers Book 5

Faltryn murdered. Nine people kidnapped. War is declared on The Green Valley.

Kirym balances the life of her beloved papa, Veld, against Gynbere's demand for the tokens and weapons. If she hands them to him, will she save Veld's life and the lives of those kidnapped with him, or will they die anyway?

Gynbere and his friends have been vocal in wanting her dead as well, and without the weapons and tokens, can she protect herself?

With so many of those who support her gone, she struggles with a decision that could see her lose everything she values.

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Other Books Available

The Caves of Kirym—The Token Bearers Book 1

In an earth-like world where a civilisation lies on the brink of disaster, a new leader emerges in the shape of a girl. Kirym is the youngest daughter of the tribe's ehadman, but she proves up to the task of leading her people to safety when they are forced to abandon the land they have settled.

Young and headstrong, Kirym possesses wisdom beyond her years and as an affinity with the mysterious tokens that guide their lives. But will that be enough? When their journey takes them far beyond the land's borders into unknown perils, Kirym must hold firm to her belief that sanctuary lies on the other side.

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The Fortress of Faltryn—The Token Bearers Book 2

A flood, an ancient map and a new adventure.

Separated from her family, Kirym leads a small group of her friends north. When she finds an old map, she ventures further into the land to search for clues to its author. However, the quest leads them into new danger and raises as many new questions as answers for Kirym's people.

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The Trail to Churnyg—The Token Bearers Book 3

I couldn't feel Kirym's token's. Deep down I felt... I knew. She was dead!

Meeting a terrifying monster sends Kirym on a quest unlike anything she has encountered. The shocking glimpse of an old adversary brings many question. Only Kirym can find the answers. Only Kirym can find the answers. When her journey takes her to a place where secrets have been kept for a thousand winters or more, her life is endangered.

The exciting continuation of Kirym's adventure will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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The Sands of Valythia—The Token Bearers Book 4

Kirym's dream of gathering all the people of the land together, may be in jeopardy. Some have their own agenda, a peaceful gathering is not part of their plans. Meeting two unusual strangers sends Kirym on a rescue journey to the sandy desert of Valythia. The unforgiving land hides secrets, mysteries that could ruin her search before it begins. Despite help from an unexpected source, it's possible she'll be too late anyway.

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